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The technical features of ABB intermediate relay / strip fuse disconnector mainly include single breakpoint and double breakpoint,
条形熔断器隔离开关它不光具有开关、保护功能,通过系统中其他可选功能部件 可以扩展其功能,使其具有更大的灵活性,可以说它不单纯是一种开关形式,更重要的是他 是一套完整的智能化系统。 采用插接式技术的电缆分支回路用配电屏,如与抽出式技术相比较,它显得更经济。它的结构紧凑,并通过进线侧的插接触头,能实现快速改装或 所有开关都可配电子式熔丝监视装置, 它可对 3 个熔断器进行电子式熔断监控, 可通过 单独安装的故障指示器实现向控制室供电以及向控制室传输信号。根据报警指示器的设计, 可将多达 10 个或多达 100 个的隔离开关串联,由此使"+"线,,"-"和信号线均相连。 这三根线 最终与故障指示器相连,至控制室的故障信号(多个信号)经由信号线被传输。
Strip fuse disconnector not only has switching and protection functions, but also can expand its functions and make it more flexible through other optional functional components in the system. It can be said that it is not only a form of switch, but also a complete intelligent system. It is more economical to use the branch circuit technology, such as the plug-in power distribution screen. It has a compact structure, and can realize rapid modification through the plug-in contact on the incoming line side, or all switches can be equipped with electronic fuse monitoring device. It can carry out electronic fuse monitoring on three fuses, and can supply power to the control room and transmit signals to the control room through separately installed fault indicators. According to the design of the alarm indicator, up to 10 or up to 100 disconnectors can be connected in series, so that the "+" line, "-" and signal line are connected. These three lines are finally connected with the fault indicator, and the fault signal (multiple signals) to the control room is transmitted through the signal line.
由于熔断器保护有许多的优势,在欧洲一直得到广泛的应用,特别是在低压 电网中的电缆和线路保护这些应用领域。因此各类条形隔离开关成功地应用了不断发展的开关技术与熔断器结合,因其具有体积小、安全性高、价格适中等优点,有理由相信,3NJ 系列条形隔离开关一定会在诸 如电网改造等更广泛的领域中发挥更大的作用。随着近些年农网改造的深入,对于此类产品的需求也会大大加大,同时对于安全灯多方面,也是十分有必要的。
Because fuse protection has many advantages, it has been widely used in Europe, especially in the application fields of cable and line protection in low-voltage power grid. Therefore, all kinds of strip disconnectors have successfully applied the combination of constantly developing switch technology and fuse. Because of its advantages of small volume, high safety and moderate price, it is reasonable to believe that 3nj series strip disconnectors will play a greater role in a wider range of fields such as power grid transformation. With the deepening of rural power network transformation in recent years, the demand for such products will also be greatly increased. At the same time, it is also very necessary for many aspects of safety lamps.
Common materials for making capacitors: Generally speaking, the raw materials of low-voltage capacitors determine their performance, manufacturing cost and sales price. Therefore, this paper will discuss in detail the selection of raw materials of common capacitor products in the market, so as to have a better understanding of capacitors.
Material 1: solid dielectric
Generally, the solid medium of power capacitors is capacitor paper. With the continuous development of capacitor industry, plastic film has also been introduced into the production and manufacturing of capacitors. In recent years, power capacitors with thin film dielectric have gradually become the mainstream products in the capacitor market. Their performance has its own advantages. Capacitor paper e is large and has good impregnation performance, so it has been adopted by capacitors. The technology of plastic film is becoming more and more mature, and its advantages are also showing.
Because paper and film have their own characteristics At present, some materials for making power capacitors with paper and film composite media are also a common practice in the market.
Material 2: liquid dielectric
液体介质在电力电容器材料中用作浸渍剂.以填充固体介质中的空隙,从而提高介质的介电常数和耐电强度.改善局部放电特性和散热条件等。 这几年电容器材料中选择十二烷基苯、二芳荃乙烷((S油)的产品也被广泛应用。而蓖麻抽因e大,在脉冲电容器中得到了应用。三氯联苯电气性能较 稳定.但由于它具有毒性而被淘汰. 。
Liquid medium is used as impregnant in power capacitor materials To fill the voids in the solid medium, so as to improve the dielectric constant and electrical strength of the medium Improve partial discharge characteristics and heat dissipation conditions. In recent years, Dodecylbenzene and Diarylethane (s oil) are also widely used as capacitor materials. The e-pump capacitor has been applied in large pulse. The electrical performance of Trichlorobenzene is relatively stable But it was eliminated because of its toxicity.
Material 3: electrode material department
大部分的电极材料都是铝箔,在并联低压电容器中,也 有用金属化的方式作为电极 。这个没有什么好讲的,因为性价比的关系,现在铝箔已经被大量并且广泛运用在电力电容器的生产材料中.
Most of the electrode materials are aluminum foil. In parallel low-voltage capacitors, metallization is also used as the electrode. There is nothing to say about this. Because of the cost performance, aluminum foil has been widely used in the production of power capacitors

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